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- Numele propunerii:- Trailer premium

- Descrierea propunerii: - Sa se adauge un trailer premium, care sa se poata cara cu el orice tip de marfa,sa coste vdp sau sa fie adaugat din 2 in 2 saptamani in market si sa poata fi cumparat cu bani,dupa cum bine stiti degeaba achizitionati un camion de 21t spre exemplu, daca nu detineti trailer de 21t nu veti putea incarca in acel tir decat 18t ( acesta este trailerul default care ti-l da jocul) si sa cumperi 20 de trailere sa le ai pe toate dureaza mult si e foarte greu. Se poate baga optiunea ca trailerul sa fie permanent sau doar pe o anumita durata,decizia e a voastra si vreau sa aud parerile tuturor, gen pe o perioade de la 1 saptamana la 3 luni.

- Avantaje: Avantajele sunt ca poti cara cu 1 singur trailer orice tip de marfa, fara sa mai fi nevoit sa tot schimbi la trailere

- Dezavantaje: Sunt si dezavantaje,playeri care vor avea acceste trailere vor creste in rating foarte mult intr-o perioada scurta de timp,tocmai de accea acces trailer nu trebuie sa fie foarte accesibil,trebuie gandit si sa te chinui putin ca sa il poti obtine, aici din nou astept parerile tuturor.

Seara faina va doresc tuturor


Contra. Asa ceva nu exista in viata reala


Nu prea e buna treaba asta. Daca vrei sa lucrezi cu remorca ta , iti iei remorca respectiva si te axezi pe ce marfuri poti sa incarci. Cam asa e si in viata reala.



1. Trebuie stabilit un regim special pentru acest trailer, chiar tu ai spus-o ca nu pot avea toti acest trailer...va fi nevoie de munca pentru a-l obtine
2. Propui ceva mult prea op pentru cei care baga bani seriosi in joc,cel putin varianta propusa de tine...cu cumparatul prin vdp,etc.
3. Asa cum propui sa fie de munca pentru a obtine acest trailer special,tot asa poti sa muncesti ca sa cumperi acele trailere normale pentru care spui ca "sa le ai pe toate dureaza mult si e foarte greu."
4. Deja sunt in dezvoltare si urmeaza sa fie implementate in urmatoarele update-uri cateva imbunatatiri care sa ne ofere cateva avantaje/plusuri pentru folosirea trailerelor. Nu vad rostul sa inlocuim trailere normale,pentru ca practic asta propui, cu unele speciale, odata ce vor veni pe parcurs niste imbunatatiri pentru cele normale.


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Definition of the Dark Web
The dark net is a web collection which can only be accessed through web browsers that are specially designed to allow private internet browsing. The web browsers enable users to keep their online activity private and anonymous. This is beneficial in criminal and legal matters. The dark web can be the ideal environment for criminal activity. Some users might attempt to escape censorship by officials of the government or engage in illegal activities.
What's the Worst Content Dark Web Could Contain?
The "dark web" is the term used to describe all sites that are not searchable or accessible only through specialized internet browsers. The dark web, which is smaller than the surface of the internet, is part of what is called the"deep web.. If we consider the ocean and the iceberg as an illustration, then the dark internet is the tip of the submerged part. The dark web to the left is a part of the deep net that has been seen by a small percentage of people who have been able to access or interact with. Another way to describe it is in a different way, the deep web encompasses everything that is below the surface but that can be accessed with the proper software. You can find out more about the dark web's content by reading on. There are many web layers that contain different content that are not yet discovered. There are a few crucial layers to the structure of the dark internet that can make it an anonymous haven.

-Surface online search engines do not index web pages. Google and other popular search engines are unable to index pages found on the dark Web.
It is not accessible to standard browsers because of its unique registry operator. It's also obscured by different security measures for networks, such as firewalls and encryption.
Criminal Contents
The dark web has a reputation for being related to illegal or illicit content as well as black markets where anonymous users are able to easily purchase or trade illicit products or services. Legal parties, on the other hand, have made use of this system.
The Dangers
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How to Access the Dark Web?
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What's The Importance Of Privacy When You Are Browsing Dark Websites?
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Is It True That Dark Web Link Activity Is Isolated From The Rest Of The World
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